The Artshire Journal is a portfolio of my art and cultural history research and writing projects. As a historian, my research involves material culture studies, the study of culture through objects. I hope to build a community of readers who enjoy art but have deeper questions about why art is created within its time and how culture influences the creation of art. I believe the past informs the future. Material objects are windows into cultures of the past that can help us understand our present and future.

I hold a particular affinity for decorative art, English furniture, and American silver. I have a BA in art history with minors in museum studies and history, and an MA in history with a concentration in cultural studies and European history.

My goal is to post a project or excerpt from my research monthly. On the lighter side, I will occasionally post a newsletter of book recommendations, interesting articles, and maybe a few gardening posts. Welcome! I thank you for being here.

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Cultural Historian | Art History Writer | Appraiser | Gardener | Grower | Hiker I write about the intersection of art and culture and share photos from my garden.